SyslogIT 2.4

SyslogIT by Pointesoft enables you to easily monitor 'LIVE' syslog data
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Pointesoft, LLC

SyslogIT by Pointesoft enables you to easily monitor 'LIVE' syslog data, print, archive and search all network activity. Syslog data is stored in the free SQL Express database.
Import existing syslog files quickly.
Crystal Reports printing.
Real-Time syslog monitoring.
Color Pie Chart printing.
Internal and External network monitoring.
PDF Reports delivered by scheduled email.
SQL database driven data analysis.
FREE Lifetime Upgrades and Updates (Buy it once).
FREE SQL Express 2005 Desktop.
FREE Support, Online Help and Manuals.
FREE IP usage (unlimited).
and more...
SyslogIT replaces the traditional text file method and inserts the syslog data directly into an SQL database. The data is now immediately available to search, sort, report and print.
SyslogIT displays syslog data in a "Live" monitoring console, all in Real-Time. Data is easily filtered, searched, sorted, reported and printed.
Syslog Importer will quickly import your existing syslog files (logs) created by another syslog server product.
SyslogIT serves syslog data, stores, sorts, displays, searches, reports and emails results in human-readable-format NOT just obscure IP's. Does mean anything to you?
SyslogIT watches both normal and abnormal Live Port Activity according to your custom settings. Simply preset the ports you need to watch and let SyslogIT do the rest.
Solution: SyslogIT network devices (Hosts) are continually monitored for both active and inactive state via easily viewable and colorful category Pie Charts.

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